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We agreed that my travel assistant did in fact lift my luggage each time it was necessary, that I did not lift my luggage, and my travel assistant did all the lifting. We agreed that I hired him as a companion and to help with luggage, and that I did not hire him as a prostitute for any sexual purpose. Rekers spend time explaining how the Christian faith is based in love to you during the trip?

We agreed that I explained the Christian faith to my travel assistant in conversations on several days during the trip. I think he is terribly confused though. He is misconstruing "Travel Assistant" with "Traveling Ass"…: I am having waaay too much fun watching this vile scumbag self destruct before our very eyes!! Maybe you and Cam should get together. Sound like you are made one for the other. I never refused, I merely asked you to respond to my earlier commetns which you ignred.

As for being insulting, you came in here and insinuated that gays were broken and that it was all the fault of the gay community and straights had nothing to do with any of our issues. So again, lets see, you are demanding responses, but are unwilling to respond, you are pretending to be insulted yet began your posts with insults…. Yeah bitch, my Versace shirt, which costs more than your whole trailer park. Jo-vanni interviewed on Anderson Cooper tonite………. Twist and burn Reekers!

I could not have said it better. He is guilty of youthful indescretion. Nobody knows his cirumstances but himself. I would hope that the District Attorney would be smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. A closeted homophobe who hires young men for sex, who took in a 16 year old boy as a foster child, who transported a young man internationally for the purpose of having sex, a perdiatrician???

Yikes I would think the DA would want to have a peek at his computer hard drive….

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Dude, you are fucked up and have some issues. What happened…old BF dump you to become a hooker…. In other words, muscle boy is not very smart. I keep saying this, but some of you really so fucked up that you are delusional. You ignore the situation in favor of some fantasy version of reality. Its sad. You are sad. I am moving on. Oh god, blow it out your ass you whiny little bitch. Your claim regarding Harvey Milk is false. Harvey Milk was well-known before the movie, and in fact, that movie would not have been made, particularly not with high profile actors like Sean Penn, if your claim were true.

Grethe Cammermeyer, RN, Ph. Elton John, yes, a musician, known worldwide and frequently in the press of his challenges to systemic homophobia.

Male prostitutes lift the lid on financial hardships after closed | Daily Mail Online

Candice Gingrich — sure, her career as a leader is relatively young, yet her story, lesbian daughter of a prominent homophobe, got world wide coverage. Armisted Maupin — his stories about life, particularly gay life, in San Franciso humanized GLBTQ people at a time when mainstream culture was still flooded with crass stereotypes. Your are mistaking your own lack of information as some sort of general ignorance, rather than a personal one. Now, no doubt you will declare that none of the above fit your standard, but then, that is the real point — your standard is a false and fraudulent construct designed to create a false impression to replace reality.

By the way, Susan B.

WHy do people think creating separate screen names mean that their comments will be attributed to separate people. At least try to make sense rather than rambling out some odd statement that has no relationship to relationship muscle. The only comment I will make at this point is that while the young man may or may not be a public figure he did put himself out there on Rentboy advertising his services for pay , I do have issues with posting the pics of his friends.

Blur their faces, use black lines to blot part of their faces out…Do something to protect the privacy of people not involved in this situation. Come back to reality you brain dead queen. So yeah, stop making him a saint. A whore is a whore, period. Jones and Marc…. I would try to sue this scumbag queety. Oh, yes, poor, sweet innocent male prostitute he.

Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of billmccollum familyresearchcouncil georgealanrekers stories and more. Mike L. On that note, the guy w him in pic 16 is pretty cute, lol. Cam I have nothing bad whatsoever to say about this guy. Xerxes The glasses give him a Sarah Palin air about him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Baxter Kid needs a haircut. Dave Johnson Yes, I guess it could be said that he gave up his privacy by putting the goods out there on Rentboy, but does it really advance anything to exploit him further?

Eminent Victorian There are people willing to pay this guy even a dollar for sex? Sammy Rachel Dratch? HATE it. Alan he looks poor. Cam No. AlwaysGay Good pictures: Anonymous How is he taking a mirror pic in 22? Ron He looks like a perfectly happy, sweet, playful boy hanging out with young people his own age. He probably could of sold his story for big bucks to the tabs.

Care Level nonexistent. Chad So, am I the only person who finds this kid unattractive? AmbienWalrus Chad: Yes, you are the only one. All of these pics come from his myspace gallery. He has a few hundred pics in there. When are the pix of the 8. Ryan Tedder: Shame on you! Hilarious jeff r: Oh get over it. And somehow I doubt he did it out of the goodness of his precious wittle heart.

If you want to be naive and buy the rent boy with a heart of gold act go right for it. Are there any bare booty shots? Tommy He is cute and looks so happy and playful in these pics, but on Rentboy he looks a bit ragged and worn out.


That placement should be investigated, as well, even though the adoptee now is about B Unnecessary and exploitative. PootieTang is he a tranny? IDontUnderstand Gays, you guys are a trip: Sexy Rexy He looks…. Tina Fey lookalike for sure. Hilarious IDontUnderstand: Oh please. What bad crack did you fools snort? Pull your heads out of your asses seriously. This is the type of shit that holds us back.

Q&A with Ricky Roman featuring Josh Moore

Wake up. Ted This is such a bad taste of this website to put the pictures of this boy and his friends on the internet. Yami OMG!!!!! He was a friend of mine in High School!!! D'oh, The Magnificent I take it back you people are not just stupid, but also emotionally disturbed.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

WalkderDC No. Perhaps somebody should do a psychological study on you? Just saying. D'oh, The Magnificent Hilarious: IDontUnderstand Cam: OnCloud9 is Rekers a bottom? There are two scums in this story and they are equally trashy. StudSlut I would like to bang Rekers. D'oh, The Magnificent Cam: MuscleBoy Cam: Farage's fighting talk!